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  1. First artist that got you into kpop? Kangta
  2. Your current bias? DGNA’s Karam (Park Hyunchul)
  3. Your OTP? YunJae and Mikaram
  4. Favourite engrish phrase from a song? I got you~~~under my skin (Mirotic)
  5. Favourite engrish phrase an idol has said (e.g. from on a variety show or drama)?  “I like orange juice. Do you something drink?” - Hyunchul (it’s not from any variety show or drama tho ;p)
  6. Which artist(s) would you like to see on Hello Baby :)? DGNA
  7. Two or three artists you would like to see make a comeback? DGNA, Dalmatian, H.O.T (a reunion will do ;p)
  8. Three things that annoy you most on tumblr (if you have any)? technical glitches, ask box eating messages, music on blogs w/ hidden players
  9. Do you read fanfiction? Yes
  10. If yes to the above, who is your favourite author (again if you have one I suppose)? Chocolet (LOL XD), AutumnDreamer, leadernim, sekushiai, miss sanzo
  11. Umm … what time is it right now? 11:57 AM

tagging: chocolet (yep, sorry ;p), dijitalove, tckbm (hihihihi ^^), pyou, huskylicious (sowee~), hyunchullie, weofan, mikalicious, byeongari-, oxzitaox, hyunseungdiq (i just tagged random people, sorry, i don’t know a lot of people here - well, at least, not anymore :c)

My questions:

  1. When did you get into KPOP?
  2. Which male and female idols do you want to see on We Got Married?
  3. Who is your favorite non-Korean artist?
  4. Which person you met in the Internet would you like to spend a whole day with?
  5. Who is the person would you rather be right now?
  6. What is the one thing you hate in this world?
  7. Who is the KPOP group/artist you wish to have NEVER debuted?
  8. What is the one song that you want to hear everyday?
  9. What is your favorite Japanese anime?
  10. What is your favorite Korean drama?
  11. Which KPOP idol would you wish to act in a drama?

(omg, i think my English sounds retarted >.< i hate my job OTL)

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